October 31, 2009


  1. Yup! Couldn't pass up a $20 SM9. She's my first Olympia and after a little cleaning, inside and out, a very nice typer. Feels completely different than my two QDLs, my Galaxie Deluxe and my Clipper.

  2. Really?? Nice man, how do you feel its different? Just curious.

  3. Well, at first, it felt really loose. I mean, my QDLs have a simple feel as I type and a certain sound as the typeslug hits the platen.

    Both SCs have a mechanical feel, a somewhat hard, coldness as I type. I know the Clipper is a more lower end model, but the Galaxie Deluxe just have a similar feel.

    All four of them, seem to really need a certain rhythm as I type and if I don't meet that requirement, they add an extra space or double hit, albeit faintly, the letter.

    But the SM9, even though it felt loose, its deadly accurate. It doesn't seem to need any specific rhythm. I just type and it handles everything for me. I mean, even loading the paper...its strange but it always seems to perfectly align the page.