July 14, 2013


  1. Cool looking typecast. I'm glad to hear that your fellow gamers appreciate the machines!

  2. I love the type face of the typewriter you used in this typecast.

    Perhaps you will be able to convert some gamers to typers.

  3. Hey, maybe you can make USING the machine a part of the story line! Cool typeface fer shur!

  4. @Richard P
    Since my friends are all in IT, I was ready for the worst, so it was nice to have them somewhat embrace the retrotech.

    @Bill M
    No promises on conversion. I think, at best, typers will be a novelty, only to be indulged in when their backwards friend (i.e. me) totes one to the table.

    I have been know to bring props to the gaming table. That could make for an interesting session!

  5. But Deek, a portable typewriter is IT. Well done for taking them out into the world.

  6. True, but not contemporary IT, which is what I meant:)

    They did have some fun, which was more than I expected.