September 6, 2009


  1. I envy you people who can still just mosey on down to the local office supplies store for ribbons. :-\ They don't carry 'em at the big box stores here. At one point I special ordered some through Office Depot, but last time I tried, they said they wouldn't deliver to this area. Luckily there are still some (more obscure) places to mail-order.

  2. I just picked one of those up today at my local Staples for $4.79. Curious to see if it works on my Olivetti.

  3. Yeah, let me know how you fare.

    At my local Staples, there were a few options, so I picked them all up to try. I stayed away from the black/white correction ribbon (even though it was the only listed as a typewriter ribbon) due to all the bad things I've heard about the white flaking off and making a mess.

    One of them was a black/red, but it was on a much smaller spool, for a calculator. I had to cut some plastic pegs off the base and drill a hole in the plastic to fit. It didn't feed correctly (due to the smaller spool diameter), but I figure I could always reuse the ribbon on my existing spools, if need be.

    But this one worked great. It had some "spokes" where my ribbon feed peg (for lack of a better term) fit and would spin it around. Its a good length, too (the calculator ribbon was more expensive and was shorter).

    And for $4.79 with no shipping...very hard to beat! I hope it works for ya.