November 14, 2009


  1. OK, so I can now add Deek to my growing list of people I wanna be when I grow up. ;-)

    Sounds like a great group! I envy you. The local NaNo groups are mostly self-organized gaggles of teenagers writing vampire/werewolf stories--no decent Municipal Liason here, unfortunately.

  2. I have to stay out of trouble and be a good role model:)

    I was warned that the group had a 17 year old that was, well, a 17 year old. I was the second oldest while the rest were in their 20s. Everyone was pretty smart. I think of the group I met yesterday, there were two teachers, both I'm thinking were English, and one that worked retail (but offered free book-binding).

    Even though I was older, the non-NaNo topics discussed (movies and boardgames) were things I am in to. Plus I got to be THE typewriter guy:)

    So, yeah, I think I lucked out!

  3. Good on ya, mate! Always a lot of fun to type in public, though I have to give you props for dragging out an SM-9. It's not exactly a super-subtle machine.

  4. Well, its what has gotten me this far, so I figured it would be a shame not to stick with writing on it, even in public.

    Plus, by being in a group with a big sign that said NaNo Writers at Work, I did have some camouflage from from the "outside world". Alone, its one thing, but anyone hearing/seeing me typing, could easily chalk it up to the group "weirdness".

    I know two or three of the group brought headphones, just in case, the typing bothered them. We only did three 15 minutes writing sessions, and while they listened to their music the first session, they set them aside and listened to SM-9 music the other two.

    Everyone loves the sound of a typewriter, I suppose!