February 5, 2010


  1. I love it! Right on, as long as you say to yourself its only one take your in the clear for some reason. Now we just need to convince strikethru to get in on some of the action. I love that Royal , it sounds like a good solid machine. I think what I love so much about my Olympia SG is that someone that knew a lot about typewriters worked on it so it just feels right.

    I also see that we typospherians are by a good majority Apple consumers. I have a G4 like yours downstairs that everyone uses. I want to upgrade to a fast new one but I can't complain with what I have. I realize that I am very fortunate to begin with to own a mac, never mind 2.

    Keep the videos coming man! I think whats great about one take vids is that they are easy and you are able to capture a lot in a short period of time. Plus it's genuine! I plan to do some videos on different things when ever my muse comes about.

    PS, how are you liking the Mekur HD??? I'm loving mine! I have just been a bit lazy lately with a little electric shave here and there to get me through the week. ; )

  2. Yeah, I always wanted a G4, back when they first came out, but didn't have the money. A few years ago, I found one on eBay that was in my price range, so I bought it and have loved it ever since.

    I have an old Pismo laptop, but currently the power card is dead (I believe) and I haven't taken the time to find a new one and spend a couple hours dismantling it to replace it.

    Yeah, I think I'll keep the videos coming. Its fun!

    As to the Mekur HD...I love it! Great suggestion and I use it almost every day. I haven't gone back to my electric, I just forge into the day unshaven and then shave up the next day.

  3. That's great I'm glad you like it man. We seem to have many of the same interests and it's just funny that we both like shaving with the HD as well. I just love things from that time, what ever it may be. They just don't make things like the use to.

  4. Yup yup, that we do. I agree, they don't make things like they used to and I always enjoy making a home for them with me!