March 19, 2010


  1. Good luck! Don't forget it happens to the best of us. I'm so tired from yard work. The people that lived here before must have stopped doing the yard when they had their little boy, he's now three. The rest of the house they kept up very well though. Once the back yard is finished I hope there will be no more excuses. We will see...

  2. Getting up early to do creative stuff or exercise or what have you always *seems* so clever, until you realize that no sane person truly wants to do anything other than sleep at that hour. I've just accepted it.

  3. Yes, it does "seem" clever. I actually did it a few times during November and I liked what I accomplished in those early morning hours, but...

    You are right, I would much rather be sleeping at that hour!

    James, don't get me started on thinking about yard work:) I took a couple walks through my yard. I've got a ton of trees and moss on the ground pretty much everywhere. Grass hates me, yet it seems like I am pressured to have to try to grow it...ugh!