June 3, 2011


  1. Hermes 3000 at work? I can alwazs tell :-)

    Keep writing, at your own pace, whenever you feel like it, and we will always be here to read. I know what you mean about it seeming like a lot of work; I have to admit sometimes I cop out with a few pretty pictures and not a lot of typing! But although I have become a much less frequent updater, I still don't want the blog to seem neglected, so I try to stop by with a new post once a week. I'm sure when the cold weather returns and I'm spending more time indoors, blogging will suddenly look a lot more appealing!

  2. somehow I can tell he's on the Qwertz keyboard. :D

    If you're hiring someone to scan and post your typecasts, may I inquire about the salary? I'm pretty good at scanning :D

  3. Wow I could have written this if i wasn't so lazy myself. I still cannot believe I completed NaNoWriMo when everything else I write is of telegraph length. I have a lot of ideas but am never satisfied with how I write them and I give up too easily. When you crack this nut let me know.

  4. Yeah, not too hard to notice a qwertz layout, eh? I do get better with it as I use it more, but I like making the mistakes with it. Lends a little character.

    Haha! Yeah, the salary is next to nothing and peanuts:) My wife seems to enjoy updating her family blog, so she is my first option. It just seems so petty that, at most, a 10 minute task factors into my desire to write.

    Laziness is certainly an interesting topic for me. In the workplace, it motivates me to program automated solutions or simply redesign a process to take less time. And it gets a new name: efficient. At home, its just being lazy, though:)

  5. Writing is actually super difficult and is by no means a natural state for a person to be in. It's like jumping up from your cozy interweb or netflicks selection and getting on some kind of intellectual treadmill. No one seems to acknowledge that it takes serious discipline. I almost never can talk myself into doing it.

  6. think of it as routine work maybe, a form of exercise, just a gear to put the brain in, and rev up on a regular basis to keep the machine oiled. Then you'll find the habit grows easier...

    Or, try this: when writing, write [helmet on, head down at the machine]. When you don't feel like writing, edit.

    Problem is: I can think of a hundred little motivations to proffer, but I can be just as lazy. My brain is the type that needs a lot of downtime, just to sit and ponder. But project stuff is still going on in the background (low-priority CPU stuff). Have faith in the big project.

    Like Cheryl said, writing is difficult and unnatural, but the habits around it can be made easier.