November 24, 2011


  1. Congrats! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours (:

  2. Congrats, Deek! 37K is nothing to sneeze at, and you might find extra words lurking if you tackle a rewrite. I find that I omit a lot of scene-setting and details when I draft, and plugging those in later often helps both the story and the wordcount ("he ate at the table" versus "he sat at the table, his aunt's red gingham tablecloth spread over it to disguise the patina of time and the scratches and scrapes of the dozen-odd holiday dinners and years of late-night science-fair projects borne upon its surface.") I've got whole days worth of writing to cut, as I later learned that my initial impressions of many of the characters were Flat Wrong. Ah well.

    What is this typeface? It looks very much like the face on my new Hermes. Perhaps it's more than coincidence!

  3. I'm troubled that you might be tempted to rewrite with 'padding' as Mike hints at. 13K words is a short story all in itself. If you got to The End, I say "buy yourself a drink and put your feet up". And being wrong side of the pond, I'm not totally sure what Thanksgiving really means, but I know it means a lot to people over there so, if I'm not too late, Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. @Mike
    Yeah, I am fairly certain I have words in the 40K and I have done a little "playing" with what-ifs, but I haven't gone back to a scene, yet.

    As for the typeface, that is Artisan. Its very cool.

    You know, I am leaning this way. I set out to write "this" novel and I did. It wasn't 50K words, in first draft form, but that's okay. My other two attempts crossed 50K and 60K, but didn't get THE END. I think I am just going to celebrate this novel, however short the draft is, and if I am feeling like a "loser", I've got a couple short stories I want to work on and can pad my word count, not my novel:)

  5. CONGRATULATIONS are definitely in order, deek!

    I admire the fact that you have actually ENDED this year's novel, for your third NaNo excursion. The most important thing is that you HAVE written it. The revising can come later. It may not be the specific 50K goal right now, but you are still a winner!

    Like your first two NaNos, I have reached 50K but have definitely NOT finished the novel. It stretches on interminably, and is bloated with words. Drowning in them, in fact.

    So I think you're doing great this year!