December 3, 2011


  1. Congratulations on your novel and your new machine!

  2. Lovely little typewriter!

    Is that a worn spot where the previous owner repeatedly pressed the space bar?

    Which brings up an interesting question: Which thumb do YOU use to press the space bar, deek, and anyone else who reads this comment? ;-)

    I use my left thumb; I am left-handed.

    Same on the computer, but use the mouse with my right hand.

  3. Oh heck, now I want one of these too! ;-) They look so sweet! Just when I am starting to 'thin the herd' -- my oldest nephew says he'd be very happy to have a typewriter for his apartment. For display he said. Well, says me, if it's only for display, I'll make it one of the broken ones . . . are you sure? He quickly reassessed and said that 'maybe he'd start writing letters again if he had a working machine.'

    YES!! Let's see if I can reel in another 'young person' into the Typosphere!!

    p.s. Re: Cameron's survey -- I space with my right hand - am right handed too.

  4. Yup, that is a worn space bar. I confirmed with the previous owner, that she used it a lot. She got it as a high school graduation present and took it to college and used it all the time.

    I'm right-handed and I use my right-hand thumb. I believe that I have used my left before, but as I type it, my left thumb really just hovers and does nothing else.

  5. Me as well. My '56 Skyriter's space bar is even more worn (mostly on the right side) than yours is (: