March 31, 2012


  1. Nice machine! The SM9 was one of my first machines as well, although mine is one of the orange logo'd models. Still, though, it's as stalwart a typer as I have ever seen!

  2. I'm imagining legendary SM action with maybe a lighter shift? If you ever fancy posting about cap alignment - I'd be all ears, assuming there's not much different under the hood from earlier SMs. Thanks for the write-up. These are pretty common in these parts and I'm sort of more tempted now.

  3. Rob, yeah, I can do a post about cap alignment. And seeing I have an SM3, I can look under the hood and see how well it compares.

    As a quick preview, what we get on the SM9 is four screws with locking nuts that limit the travel of the basket. The two screws on the top limit the lowercase and the two on the bottom limit the uppercase. I was able to access the top two screws without removing the case (6mm hex and mini-screwdriver), but that really didn't help anything as I really needed to limit the caps.

    I'd need a really long and thin wrench, 6mm and 7mm, to access those screws, so I ended up popping the SM9 out of its skin, which allowed easy access from the sides (granted, the left side I also needed to disconnect the touch control arm).

    Once I had access and the right wrenches, it was just test, adjust, test, adjust, so pretty easy.