May 25, 2012


  1. Yay, you're back! Lots of Singer sightings over here too, as I seek a vintage sewing machine to complement the typewriter contingent (I am ashamed to 'fess up to having the little plastic contraption currently on my desk). Berninas on the horizon for this weekend. We'll see.

    Indeed, little updates are better than nothing. I should tell myself that as well :)

  2. WooHoo! Good to see you again, Deek. Didn't know you were an old camera buff. p.s. Am taking a typewriter out on the porch today. Your letter is first on the pile. ;-)

  3. Thanks! We'll see if I can maintain a better balance between my obsessions and maintain my blog a little better:)

    Yeah, I've been a shutterbug much longer than a typospherian. While I never took any photography classes in high school, I've been fascinated with it shortly after enrolling in college.

    So, when I saw this fully manual 60s camera at a garage sale, I had to ask the price. I feel like I stole it, but I did point out she could easily get at least $30 on ebay (maybe more, as I saw listings up to $150 when I looked), but she was only asking $10, and then dropped that a couple more due to my sad, puppy dog eyes (too bad it doesn't work on other aspects of my life!).

    Prior to today's mailbox trip, my pile was down to two (quite manageable). But then I got two more letters (which I was happy to read). I'm basically caught up, so I look forward to your porch-written missive!

  4. Congratulations on your SRT-101, great camera. I have a couple of SRT-102s that are near 40 years old and still going strong. The only problem with these are the mercury cells are no longer available for TTL metering. A WEIN cell adapter is only a few dollars and will allow the use of a zinc-oxide battery which had nearly the same discharge curve as the original mercury batteries. I converted mine for alkaline, but that requires recalibration of the metering circuit for accurate metering. Then the old Luna-Pro SBC eliminates the need for TTL most of the time.

  5. hey hey, welcome back online ;-)
    I've been getting back into film again lately - with ye olde Nilon FM2. I love the way film and grain does fuzz and out of focus. Will post some snaps soon. But let us know how she clicks and shoots!

  6. Bill, I did ready about the battery adapter. Right now, whatever cell is in there, is still going strong (based on the BC test).

    I'm still working on getting a roll of picture through it, but I think I may get through it today at the lake.

    Rino, I will definitely share. So far, much like my K1000, I love the feel and operation! I actually like the viewfinder of the SRT101 a lot better, as it gives my more information, which is nice.