April 26, 2013


  1. That's a hefty machine that you have there. This is typed on it? Nice!

  2. Nice, and slightly imposing, machine! If only I had the room to keep something like this typewriter on permanent display or stand-by for those times when I just feel like typing up something quickly.

  3. Nice typewriter.

    Another one that makes me wish I had a bigger house so I had room for an office typewriter.

  4. Great typecasting font, monster machine. You should enter it in the typewriter database (:

  5. Very nice machine, I love that typeface!

  6. You gotta love the jowls on these Remingtons.

  7. Really grooving on the typeface, though the Internet has ruined it somewhat SINCE NOW IT'S SHOUTING ALL THE TIME.

    The small-caps "Q" is just about as perfect as can be.

  8. I can imagine it being perfect for kids. Robust, easily readable font. Amazing! Although I still think it's a monster. ;-)

  9. @Scott
    Yeah, the typing goes with the typer. It's my first mill.

    @teeritz & Bill
    Well, I am still looking for a true location in the house for it. I've got my SG1 on its own type table and a Selectric on the end of my desk. I don't really have another location in my office for another standard. I do have one more type table I'm not using, but I'm not sure rolling that into the kids room is the safest place at their ages. So, I have still not figured this out.

    Yeah, I have to figure out this home typewriter database thing. I have seen it but haven't set up an account or really done much with it.

    It is nice and clean. I was greatly surprised when I first started typing.

    The jowls are growing on me. I've never been a fan of the Remington style. It has always been such a bulbous looking typer. But like my Oliver 9, I am slowing coming around!

    Not only am I screaming, but I'm doing it in red for even more emphasis:)

    While it is big compared to a portable, it seems kind of small and light compared to my SG1. I really don't like moving my SG1, but this Super-Riter isn't a chore to relocate.

  10. looks great, and heavy and solid. Let us know what the typefeel's like. Great find. rino