I Dream In Green

Finally, an addition to my collection.

I won!


  1. Congratulations on the latest addition!

  2. Thanks, Bill. I'm kind of excited as I haven't had any typewriter-related news in a couple years.

    Yeah, Ted, she is a beast! She types like a dream though. Super clean and in really mint condition, she rivals the pure pleasure I get typing on my Olympia SG-1. I was over on your site and Adney's looking serials and pictures. A bit on Polt's too, as I have a slight issue with the tab stops. I made an adjustment to fix the tab and accounting keys from locking up the escapement. I can use the (-) key to unset tabs, but the (+) key does not seem to be setting them, so I've just done that manually on the carriage. Not sure if there is another adjustment screw or an alignment issue, but with the carriage off, everything looks like it is working correctly.

    I'll have to do a proper write-up here and share some pictures.

  3. Wow, 15 CPI -- that's tiny! Congrats on the machine. How's the platen? My Ambassador's is hard as a rock, and the typestrokes sound like gunshots -- which is why I used it for the performance of "The Typewriter" last year.

  4. Yeah, it is tiny. And you'll be seeing it first hand in the not-too-distant future:) Platen is in good shape. I haven't felt the need to double up any paper I run through. Honestly, it may be the best condition I've started with!