May 2, 2010


  1. Very nice, very nice. I have a whole bunch of elements that I got off ebay. Your right, if you have a Selectric III you will need typeballs with yellow writing and the I's and II's have white writing on the elements. Also the little triangle if it is not filled in is a 12 pitch and if it is filled in the element will be a 10 pitch.

    Due to a rather large tree roach that flew into my garage I haven't used my Selectric in a few days. Coming from a place where there are no bugs like that, the things freak the hell out of me. So likewise my Olympia SG1 has been getting tons of use.

  2. Just a few days after I threw caution to the wind and picked up a second Selectric (first one's dead, so doesn't count, right?) I see another 'Personal' Selectric at the local thrift. Always good to have a parts machine, right? Plus, its platen may be in better shape than mine. If nothing else, for the $7 cost, I'll get a functional element.

    (Sigh) these things are way harder to sneak into the house than portable manual machines.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree, for $7, its worth it to have the parts. Heck, you will have a hard time finding an element used for $7, and those platens pop off easy. Also, if the motor is good, I've been told that replacing that is minimum $150, so you did good in picking it up.

    I am just bothered that I don't have any good thrift or antique shops around here. There is very, very little new stuff for me to browse. In fact, I sometimes visit the crappy one's I do have just to see if I can find where they moved the stuff I looked at a couple months ago!

    You are not kidding, Selectrics are very hard to sneak into the house...