May 23, 2010


  1. Guilty as charged. I've posted blog articles about once per week or two, but haven't typecast in months. Shame, shame.

    I did, however, take several opportunities recently to use my manual typewriter for something practical. There was a DVD I had made, wrapped it in a homemade paper envelop, onto which I was going to laser print a nice title and description before mailing it off to a video-sharing buddy; but alas, the laser printed coughed up great black, carbon-like chunks of toner onto the paper, and I ended up typing the label instead. Then, a personal letter recently where I typed the address.

    So, it may not be typecasting, but it's using typewriters for what they were originally intended for.

    As for writing, I'm finding that my Alphasmart Neo is being used exclusively.


  2. If that SG-1 wasn't so pricey, I'd be rooting for you to go buy it...but as it is, and considering it may well need some further work done (correct?), I don't know. Here's hoping it comes down in price! I do love mine.

    On the other hand, I'm still only halfway through OCRing the 100 pages I wrote on it during NaNoWriMo. On the other hand, the other half that was written on the Neo just required a bit of tweaking, and it's all set. There's a lot to be said for that.

    You haven't had a Neo very long, have you, Joe? Glad to hear it's working out for you!

  3. The SG-1 is in really good cosmetic shape, based on all the pictures I've seen and the seller mentioned that all the keys type, although a couple of them imprint the paper more than others. So, the work I may be looking at could just be some surface cleaning and a little canned air and penetrating oil.

    But, for someone that has not paid more than $40 or so, $150 is pretty big. If it drops another $50, then I'd consider it. Down to $75, I think I'd have to buy it, as I'd be afraid someone else would pick it up before I had a chance.

    What are your collective thoughts on a "fair" price for a good conditioned SG-1, assuming there's no mechanical deficiencies?

  4. I'd say if it comes to down to $100 do it! Ask them if they are willing. An SG1 is something that you will probably mainly use and have for ever. If you think about it, you will probably save money because you will like the SG so much that you won't buy any other typewriters for a while. At least that's what happened to me when I got my SG. Either way, good luck.

  5. Hard to say what a good price would be. I paid $40 for mine, and *thought* it was in good wasn't until I got it home and spent more time with it that I realized the ribbon didn't always advance, and if the margin was released (say at the end of a line to squeeze in a few more characters), it released all margins and they *stayed* that way until the carriage was lifted off and replaced.

    So I spend another $55 getting it fixed up. It was well worth it...and I guess means I spent a total of $100. If that one doesn't have any such issues...well, you do the math.

    Crossing my fingers for you! What color is it? Have you had a chance to type on it at all?

  6. Here is the one I have been looking at:

    It looks similar to the ones you and James have (you two are a bad influence, by the way). Its still listed at $150, but after talking to the seller, he said that he'd go down to $100 if I stopped in next week and it hadn't sold (I'm going to be in Indy next week, so it works out nicely).

    But then yesterday, this popped up on eBay:

    I've already talked to the seller and he has packed typewriters before and has answered a bunch of much questions. I've actually already put a bid on it. Its a low bid, as I'm still not 100% on the eBay one (but my thought is, if I can get it really cheap, why not risk it?).

    My thought is, that if the eBay auction gets above $75, including shipping, then I'll just take my chances on the one in Indy, as it looks to be in just as good shape (if not better) and comes with some extras.

    Both typers came from estate sales, but the one in Indy is likely to have been a single owner machine, due to the paperwork.