July 24, 2011


  1. You know, you make a Selectric sound must-have. And I'm tempted. But I guess it is a slippery slope, could be an expensive habit :-)

  2. For future consideration: I buy my Selectric ribbons over at Neximaging.com. The website looks a bit cheap, but I had an excellent ordering experience with them. You have to buy the ribbons in packs of six, but it works out to only $2.79 per ribbon. Just search for part #1299095. It'll be the top result that pops up.

    Also, I agree that the Selectric's versatility makes it great for creative purposes. It's just about the only electric typewriter that I truly enjoy using.

  3. 1) I find Selectric ribbons all the time at goodwill or Ohio Thrift. Usually $.90 per ribbon. I've never, though, found one of the earlier, non-correcting ribbons, which is what I really want, so I can wind it into my Torpedo or Olympia machine.

    2) Gosh, I'm sure whoever receives a typewritten letter from you, in your dwindling supply of envelopes, is gonna feel pretty lucky, and will almost certainly fire a letter back in your direction. Or, at least, I would think so.

  4. Nah, Rob, not really expensive. My first Selectric II I got for $5. My second I sold to WordRebel for $50 (basically what I paid for it). My Selectric I, I found on craigslist for $25 or so. You can sell them for $150 a pop or more, but I'm not really in that market.

    Thanks for the tip, Flynn. It'll be a while before I need to buy more, but its good to know where to look.

    Duffy, I'd tend to agree about the lucky feeling and firing a letter back:)