September 7, 2009


  1. I can almost picture myself there as well, on the other side of the patio table, clacking away. Great word pictures you've given us.

    It's good for the young'uns to be exposed to things that've preceeded their short lives.

    I used to visit my grandparents, across town. Grandpa's old shed out back, by the alley, was filled with old iron tools and whatnot. Some of these were implements from the horse-drawn era; I'd have to ask him what each one was for. Luckily for us, we still have practical uses for typewriters; like writing about using typewriters!


  2. Haha! Very true on that last sentence. I still have lofty hopes of one day doing a interview or some such and people being surprised that I still write my drafts using a typewriter, but we shall see. Dreams and all that:)

  3. Typing outside is fantastic. Ya really want to get some wary looks, take your typer down to your local park.

  4. We've got a lot of parks locally, but except for the areas with playgrounds, they don't get a lot of traffic.

    I have thought about going to a local coffee house. Those places are always packed around here and there are usually one or two people with laptops sitting around.

    I wonder how many looks I'd get when I open my case, pull out my Clipper and start typing away?

  5. Speegle said: "Ya really want to get some wary looks, take your typer down to your local park."

    You might even find yourself publicly outed!