April 4, 2010


  1. It is a good thing keeping the sight and sound of a typewriter in the family. Both my younger brothers constantly loved to hover over me when I was living with my parents. I am sure though they will not forget what a typewriter is.

    P.S. I set up a little workshop in my garage as well! I have my Selectric out there and my SG in my bedroom. I figure it will work well this summer when I can type with the garage door open and get some fresh air.

  2. Nice! Yeah, I love going out to my workshop on cool evenings, the smell of sawdust and oil is quite calming to me.

    You'll love it!

  3. My four-year-old and his little friends all love playing with the typewriters at my house. I've taught how to use them appropriately and I often find small sentences or words scattered on various pieces of paper after he and his friends have been playing. Good stuff. Even the older children belonging to our friends will write little tidbits that I find unexpectedly when I clean up my desk.