April 8, 2010


  1. I believe I've sold seven machines but I've only regretted having sold two: a Lettera 22 and a cursive Hermes 3000. Of the two, the 22 really chaps my hide. Had I only known better at the time...

    It's funny to think of someone preferring a typewriter because of its "convenience". I mean, I tend to agree with the guy's mom but most non-typewriter-ers that I know consider them horribly inconvenient. Funny.

  2. Yeah, so far, no regrets. I still have a 1940s Royal QDL that sits on my desk (its still my favorite) and after cleaning and tuning up, never really used the 50s QDL.

    And now that I have a couple Selectrics, the Wheelwriter was headed for storage, so I am glad to hand that over to someone that would use it and in its natural environment!

    Yeah, the convenience thing got me too. I found it ironic that the guy was trying to convince me, at one point, how much easier it was to address envelopes and print labels. I was like, look around and these other typewriters sitting out...I've bought in already, no need to convince me of anything!