February 14, 2011


  1. Greets....
    if you're, er, "jonesing" for a typewriter while in Philadelphia
    ... give a call to Trophy Bikes
    (215.222.2020) and ask for Mike Mccget.... you could borrow one of ours and do some typing at the Starbucks up the street!

    mike mcgettigan

  2. Last time, I packed my Lettera 32 in my backpack, which worked great. But I was taking a train and was gone for 4 days. This time, I'm basically gonna be there for just one full business day and I'm trying to pack as light as possible.

    Mike, I wish I would have known this back in October when I was there last. I had a couple hours to burn before catching the train back west. I'll be up in Radnor this time, but if I have some time during business hours, I'll give you a call. Thanks!

  3. Wow! That's a great idea from Mike - I hope you get a chance to take him up on it and tell us all about the typewriter-loaner program!

  4. Its looking doubtful, unfortunately. I'll be in meetings all day tomorrow and then dinner with some business-types. Thursday, I am going back downtown, but to the airport. I have one more meeting to wrap this visit up and then am sharing a cab...

    Quite the missed opportunity!

  5. BTW -- have a couple of ITAM letters to go out and am running into an interesting obstacle -- it's hard to find mailing addresses on most of the typosphere blogs I visit--including this one...

    Perhaps I am just unobservant--but here's a call to put addresses somewhere up top on blogs where even I can find them!

  6. McGet, I have just dropped a letter in the mail, so my address is on its way:)