February 28, 2011


  1. Deek! Add in a celebrate and make it CLUB month! The word lub is only good in the word lubber or landlubber...

    Art the spaz

  2. And what an awesome month it has been!

    I love mcget's idea to write the letter first and address it later; so creative! I shall try that with a new correspondent...hmm, who shall it be?

    I love March! Birthday month :)

    Oh, and of course there is at least one other letter with a February postmark :-P

  3. Agreed, we should all do some LUBM posts.

  4. LUBM rocks, especially since the (good/bad) closure of Borders here in AU and US. The little stores need our help more than ever, I feel.

    Plus, I'll be keeping on writing letters anyway.

  5. So, is it a CLUB (Celebrate Local and Used Bookstores) Month, a LUBM (Local and Used Bookstores Month) or a LUBAM (Local and Used Bookstores Awareness Month)?

    I guess its the choice of whoever starts posting and tweeting to decide:)