March 10, 2011


  1. I get that about the Hermes. The only reason I don't use my Hermes more is I keep getting new ones. It's been calling though.

  2. Should I rename myself Locutus?

    Yeah, I haven't gotten a new typewriter in a while. I've got eight total and when I realized all of them were in the house except for three (SCM Galaxie Deluxe, Olympia SM9 & Oliver 9), I decided that I needed to move them in the house for a time and use them (especially while its still too cold to type comfortably in my workshop).

    But, every night this week, as I sat there typing on the Galaxie Deluxe, I was looking over at the Hermes in its case wondering why I wasn't just typing on it...its just so much nicer, comfortable and sexy looking!