March 26, 2011

TCA Writers Group - Prompt Two
(794 words)

Prompt Two

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  1. I like it. It has the choppy feel of an animal who thinks in fits ans starts not because they are lazy but because they are a cat and that is how cats act (at least mine does!). I love the simplistic names of all the objects and locations. I never really thought of how ornately we humans label things...perhaps to seem superior to other mammals? ;u)

  2. Thanks!

    I really tried to come up with a story first, then re-imagine it from a cat's point of view, using cat-centric names. And with a word count limitation, I really tried to make economic use of every word.

    My basic story notes were 400 words and then once I drafted, it was close to 1000, so I had to cut a lot out. So, if its cryptic, I blame the word count:)

    I did share this with my wife and she told me it was too confusing. After I told her what the prompt was, she immediately said that I obviously failed...I love her blunt honesty!

    Now, she did go into it thinking that it was our house and our cat, when in actuality, neither was the case. I tried to convince her that a cat wouldn't see or name objects like a human, but she had already made up her mind that she didn't like it. Plus, she thought that Feeder and Dark Hair were the same person (they are not).

    She also thought that a cat would name its owner much more affectionately than Feeder. I get that, but I also see how I interact with our cat and its not a whole lot. Not sure if that's a guy/girl difference or me just not ever having my own pet.

  3. I am SO wanting to show this to a friend of mine, who seems to play the role of Feeder to any number of cats. Her first suggestion (I told her about the prompt.) was to do something about cats, myself. I am glad I chose something more exotic, especially since I would not have done as well as this.

    Confusing? Only from a human's point of view. I agree this is how pets view their little empires and their minions.

    It would have been useful to have more descriptive delineation between "Light Hair" and "Dark Hair." I am assuming a daughter and a wife, respectively.

  4. I don't want to give it away, just yet(but I will after everyone has written their prompt), but Light Hair and Dark Hair are both women, neither of them are related to one another nor to Feeder.