January 26, 2012


  1. You have THIRTY correspondents? Where do you find them all?

  2. Ooh, I hope I get a letter ...

    That typing looks really great -- I like the characters squeezed together like that.

  3. I just sent you a letter yesterday! And I must say that I'm jealous that you're starting your edits...I'm not even done with my novel yet! ;u)

  4. Nice typeface. Neat idea type a letter a day, but I would need to choose the 30 names from the phone book! OOPS! February only has 29.

  5. @Cameron
    Everyone in the typosphere I have an address for will get a letter, whether they are a regular correspondent, an infrequent correspondent, or one of us shipped a part/typewriter/book around. I save all those addresses. And remember, I've been active in the typosphere since the summer of 2009, so I have had time to collect!

    Oh, and last year, a couple of correspondents received a second letter, if I got a reply in February. Unlike the rest of the year, I remove my normal "hold onto a letter for at least a week before replying" rule and just reply immediately.

    I also pick up friend and family addresses that I may not have corresponded with in a long time. So, for me, its just about breaking out the typewriter and writing letters in a frenzy for a month. For me, there is no better way I can show my appreciation for the typewriter than using it every day!

    You'll have one letter before ITAM and you'll get at least one during, so don't fret:)

    Yeah, I really am digging the squeezed characters. I did win that eBay auction this week, so I have 10 more type elements en route. Some of them are 10 pitch, so I am curious to see how they look on the page.

    I know that I made a reference to you, Bob and I being the Three Typesman of ITAM at one point last year...so you know I am going to refer to it aplenty!

    I look forward to your letter! Well, realize, that this is my third nano and the only one I have reached "The End" on in a November. I think its also my best to date (which makes sense with all the practice), so I really want to get it in shareable shape!

    @Bill M
    Yeah, you only have to worry about 29 addresses:) I would be happy to send you a letter and get your names down to 28 for ya! Just send me a mailing address to my e-mail at djkoepke (at) gmail (dot) com.