January 8, 2012


  1. We're taking down the decorations here as well - and ditto on re-arranging the typewriter collection! Only we don't have an attic, so the WHERE for all this stuff is a challenge. Big excitement though - I finally acquired a large drafting/drawing table! Having decided that 2012 is THE YEAR I get my graphic novel project off the ground, this is a thoroughly excellent development!

  2. So far, none of my typewriters have gotten stuck in the attic. There are two (Oliver 9 and SC Galaxie Deluxe) in my unheated workshop (attached to our two-car garage) and everything else is in the house, either in its case and out of the way, or ready to work at a moments notice.

    Good luck on your graphic novel project! Its sounds interesting and I am looking forward to reading more.

    My dad gave (or made, not sure) me a really nice drafting table when I was in high school. I was considering going into architecture until we started using CAD machines and I fell in love with computers. Not sure where that is now...maybe in storage someplace? In any event, very cool!!!