July 15, 2012


  1. I assume that the flyers have some version of the manifesto? I've found that it can enrage some irascible people, at least onlne. But you're probably not risking anything more than some puzzled looks and uncomprehending guffaws.

  2. Yeah, I took the manifesto from http://typewriterinsurgency.webstarts.com/ and shrunk it down so nine would fit on an 8.5 x 11 sheet, then I added the Adney logo. I've got a dozen or so in my wallet, with the idea of dropping them in choice locations. Thus far, that has only been one time, although I had a good bead on a bulletin board at a Jimmy Johns:)

    I'd like to get a few put in department/electronic stores, but I don't always think about it when I am there.

    I just completed 2.0 of my plan, but creating a bunch of business cards with the Adney logo and just the webstart URL. Those look more innocuous, so I may find it easier to post on bulletin boards and the like. Obviously, not only will a person have to be interested enough to notice the card, but they will have to make an effort to punch in the URL, too. Maybe the next version will also have a Q-code?

    1. Oh yeah, the QR code is a good idea. You can make one online here, for instance.