August 11, 2012


  1. A recovered platen makes a world of difference. I typed on Richard's platen-refurbed Torpedo and it felt (and sounded) amazing. You'll fall in love with that SG-1.

  2. how long did jj short say it would take? if i remember right its like $80 to get it done, right?
    when i get one refinished, im going ot do a before and after vid i think.

  3. Whoo, this will be a nice change for your SG.

  4. Platen yeah, but I am digging this idea for the telepathically controlled writing space!

  5. @Ton
    I am looking forward to it. I am already in love with my SG-1 (have been for years), so falling in love a second time...whoa!

    I didn't ask how long it would take nor did he mention a timeframe. We exchanged a few friendly e-mails about platen measurements and cost and then I sent my platen to him. He quoted me $58 and $63, depending on the size of the ID (inner diameter). More rubber means higher cost. All he needs to know is ID, OD and length and he can quote you a price. I added $14 for shipping USPS both ways, which is all part of the total cost. So yeah, about $80 for a standard typewriter platen. A portable would likely be less expensive. Let me know when you do a vid. I'd love to watch.

    Yup, I'm getting excited!

    You know, if I had my choice, I'd write on stone (platens) if I could have a telepathically controlled writing space!!!

  6. Oh yes, new platens make a world of difference. I can't wait for my Corona 4 platen to be done. Luckily it's small so it should be cheap :D

    Let us know when you get the fresh platen installed in your SG1!

  7. @Ted
    That is what I am hoping for. I just exchanged a couple e-mails with Peter and he said he was getting a new batch of material next week, so he was thinking I'd have my new platen by the end of the month.

    Let me know what sort of what your platen cost is, as I'm curious. It is only about $13 for shipping one platen, both ways, so I may be in the market for some of my smaller platens, depending on cost.