June 15, 2010


  1. I still say those Hermes 3k's are overrated.

  2. I'll have to echo Strikethru. I think the early ones look very cool but of the two I've had neither was very nice to type on at all.

    I know what you mean about finding a sweet spot in collecting. I've found one particular SM-3 that pretty much gets all the use because no other machine that I have or have had is as nice as it is. I like it enough that any "new" machine I pick up is either because it is cheap or because I'm curious, but the new ones never seem to get used very long.

  3. Yeah, I hear you both. It is probably more looks and hype than anything else.

    I can say that nothing I pick up from here on out is going to beat the typewriters I have now for writing. I have a good collection of high performing models.

    While I may pick up a fixer-upper, I don't see me ever spending more than $20 or so on anything else.

  4. Well...I appear to be in the minority here, but I *really* liked my Hermes 3000. They are very different from other typewriters, though - take a very light touch.

    That said, I let mine go during the great LFP typewriter purge of twenty-ten, while I kept both SM-9s. It wasn't even really a conscious decision...but maybe it says something about my true feelings. Or something.

  5. But so what happens when you have an SG-1, but then you happen across this whole other SG-1 that's somehow even more awesome than the one you've got?
    Like, for instance, this weekend at Richard Polt's house (that's typosphere name-dropping), I tried out his SG-1 which types just as superbly as my own, but which he had auto-shop-painted a mind-blowingly beautiful metallic blug-green.
    Luckily it wasn't for sale. I might have had to fist-fight my way into a bid, and I ain't much for fist-fighting.

  6. Make that blue-green, not blug-green. Blug-green doesn't sound very mind-blowingly beautiful.