June 3, 2010


  1. You know, since I got my SG-1 put in working order, I've let go of typewriters left and right without replacing 'em. There's just nothing that compares to a good desktop, and a good SG-1 is a GOOOD good desktop.

    I still admit to a craving for a Lettera 32, but it's more out of curiosity than any perceived need.

    But sadly, for the gearheads, there's always another toy just over the horizon. So...have you played with fountain pens yet?

    Just kidding. Whatever anyone tells you, don't go down that road. It is a dark and winding road to madness.

  2. You are not missing anything with the Lettera 32. I was not impressed with it. My RQDL, as dirty and in need of servicing as it is, completely blows away the Olivetti.

    I'm still considering the SM9, even though I have the SM3. I just can't help being curious about that.


  3. Oh yeah, Deek, what typer did you use for that post?