June 17, 2010


  1. Great blog! I have just discovered typewriters and typecasting and put up a couple of posts on my blog at http://missplange.blog.tdg.ch/

    I am so excited to discover the typosphere and catch up on everyone's posts. (Can I add you to my blogroll?) I guess I shall have to go a while back to find out which typewriters you use for each post; the SM9 you use here has a lovely clean font, but I am awfully jealous of the sans-serif font and the cursive typewriters! Trying to get my hands on one, but they are quite rare here in Switzerland.

    I too want to focus less on getting new typewriters and more on writing with the ones I have (and getting ribbons for all of them). But I will still keep an eye out for good (free) deals...

  2. Thanks! Its feels good to know I've got a reader in Switzerland. By all means, please add me to your blogroll.

    I read a few posts on your blog and it looks like you have a couple typewriters of your own.

    Yeah, the Olympias I own, have nice, clean fonts (SM9 and SG1). I do have a cursive Traveller deLuxe and Selectric, so I understand your desire to own a cursive font machine. They are quite fun!

  3. "...since I have decided not to acquire any more typewriters." I'm with you, I hope! The SC Classic I gave my sister has turned out to be less than satisfactory so she and I will be on the hunt for something better. She's coming by this weekend to test drive the Royal Quiet De Luxe and the SC Clipper. Depending on which one she likes, we'll go looking for one for her. Then, done. . . no really, done.

  4. Good luck on that! I know it has taken me about 10 months of actively collecting, experimenting and researching to get to this point. It helps that my area has very few typewriters available or else I'd probably have a lot more.

    I feel like I've picked up first-hand knowledge on the majority of the "best" typewriters from the 1940s through the 1970s, so I'm finally satisfied with what I do own.

    I'm certainly not going to pass up freebies, but I doubt I'll be buying anything else unless I know that someone else will want it.