January 19, 2011


  1. Netflix is the mortal enemy of all writers!! I have often been sucked into its trap of good (and better yet - not so good!) movies.

    I'm happy to hear the movie wasn't bad. I was actually very disappointed with "Jurassic Park" - the movie. The book was good but the movie just left so much out and changed so much. On its own it wasn't bad but since I read the book first I was sort of soured on it...

  2. Its like, do I really need another distraction?

    Normally, I am just happy to be entertained when watching a movie, but it is easy to get soured on one when the book is so much better...

  3. I was thinking recently that I may start avoiding watching the film version and reading the novel version of a story. I'm usually let down by one or the other (and most times the book is better), so I figure, why bother with both?

    I have way too many books on the To Read list, but I may have to bypass some of them for the The Girl books. They sound pretty intriguing.

  4. I have a tendency to watch the film version because I do have interest in screenwriting. I've dabbled a little bit with it in the past and occasionally pick up a script of movies I really like to see how they were adapted to the screen, but I certainly understand not doing both to avoid the let down.

    My To Read list is rather small at the moment. I do have three monthly periodicals that I always try to read, but my book list is only at 3 right now. I've already finished reading 2 books this year, so that isn't too bad.

    I don't think I've ever made a true To Read list, just kind of had in my had a couple books I wanted to look at and then the rest of my reading comes up by chance or recommendation. So, Justin, do you have a physical list you make and update?

  5. Hmmm...I have to retract my statement of how close to the book that Swedish movie was on Larsson's first book. The last half of the movie, while it hit the main plot points, really didn't follow much of the book at all. Lots of stuff was changed in order to, I think, finish things up and get to the end.

    I was left wondering, if I didn't already know the motivations from the book, would this movie have even made sense. The last half, which was the major build-up of the conflict and resolution, was just bits and pieces and complete minor plot lines were missing.

    Now I really want to see the US version this year to see if they do it any better.