October 3, 2009


  1. I enjoy your typecast blog, especially the frequency with which you post. Myself, my work schedule keeps me totally outta the loop for half the week, while on the other half it's re-energizing time and getting some thoughts together, so once per week seems like the limit for me.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. I enjoy the frequent posts as well. My schedule as well limits me to about once a week. I as well thank strikethru for bringing this piece of art to life.

  3. Thanks, to both of you. I'll keep up doing what I'm doing as long as time permits:)

    I do want to get more pictures sprinkled in...that way I can somehow marry all of my interests (i.e. writing, typewriters, photography and reading) into one place.

  4. Let me add that I also admire your regularity with the typewriter. Embarrassingly I think I actually post typecasts less frequently than most other typecasters and CERTAINLY than you. Nice work. And I am glad everyone is enjoying Silent Type and everyone's writing and photography. A fun project all around.

  5. Thanks!

    Since joining the typeosphere, I have been fascinated with each typecast I have read (those being on my favorite's list, which I do, in fact, check multiple times each day).

    While I know that what I post is not the most entertaining, informative, introspective, witty or motivating (and I often times finish typing and wonder if I even had a point), I feel like just being determined to type SOMETHING most days, is something.

    I really love to write, although most of it has been to debate and/or inform (in the way of forums I find interest in). I think I am simply addicted to feedback and textual interaction and maybe a Speegle-esque sprinkling of fame-seeking:)

    Delusional? Most certainly, but I enjoy every minute of it and always look forward to sitting down in front of a typewriter, even if what results is no more than a random thought or description of my day!