October 18, 2009


  1. I sure wish I'd thought of that! What a great idea. And SO cute.

  2. Whoa, blog format change! Looks really nice. Though, I admit, for some reason, I keep hearing The Count from Sesame Street when I look at the number of comments: "One typeclack. TWO typeclacks! THREEEEE typeclacks!! Three WONDERFUL typeclacks, HAHAHAHA!!!"

    But maybe that's just me....

    That is one mighty cute kid you've got there! Good job with the photography.

  3. Haha! Now you got me hearing The Count: Four typeclacks, ah ah ah:)

    Yeah, after you pointed out the template I updated to last week was broken (thanks again for pointing that out), I reverted back to the old basic one. For some reason, all the "cool" one I tried had some sort of errors, which was really getting frustrating.

    So, work is slow (for another few days, at least) and decided to look for something better that would actually work. And I came upon this template. After the pin-up discussion on Strikethru, I just had to put this up and make it work! Hopefully, I'll keep liking this for a while and not feel the need to monkey around with it...but, when the procrastination bug hits me, all time-wasters become eligible for my attention:)

    You'd think I'd eventually get embarrassed or something, but I never tire of my kids getting compliments. And I can assure you, the cuteness is all product of my wife!

  4. Pin-ups make everything better. It's scientific.