October 22, 2009


  1. That is awesome man! A few years ago I had a old manual push mower but I think it was dull and ended up throwing it out. It would take several passes to get all of the grass cut. I bet some of the new ones that go for around $70, with a nice fresh blade cut really nice. Good to see that you enjoy your reel lawnmower. On another note, I just remembered when my dad lived out in colorado he had a gas powered self propelled reel lawnmower. The thing was so cool. I always had a fascination with the thing. The bag was this big plastic catcher that would hook on to the front of the mower. I forgot all about that thing!! Maybe I could use that in a story somewhere...

  2. By old, I meant old style. This one is fairly new. My mom bought it about 5 years ago when she moved into a new house. She used it once or twice then decided she didn't like it.

    I took it at the beginning of spring and replaced my gas-powered lawnmower. It does cut quite well.

    Its similar to a typewriter in that I get to see everything that is going on as I cut and I get a tactile response. I can feel the blades resist as I cut into thicker grass...its quite amazing.

    The only downside is that some harder stemmed weeds don't go down at all. But I end up just taking them out with a rechargeable weed eater.

    The funny thing is, a neighbor kid came up to me one day and said, "My parents are mad at you." I looked at him perplexed and asked why. He then told me his parents wanted to be the "eco-friendly" family and I bested them. And every time I mow my yard, they argue because his mom wants to get a mower like mine and his dad won't do it.

    They moved about two weeks ago. Totally unrelated. I think:)

  3. That's too funny man, don't you love how kids are so innocent and speak what they hear. Maybe they moved to here to Texas where everyone drives dually pick ups so it would be easy for them to say they were Eco Friendly.