August 16, 2010


  1. I like the typeface; the uneven quality, beat and straggly. Mucho character!

  2. (This is @wordrebel)
    I love the look! And I saw the photo of it - great refurb job! I hope mine looks that good when I'm done with it........when I find one to buy! ;u)

  3. @James, Yeah, this was 100% gifted, kind of like your salsa box typer:)

    @Rino, It certainly has some character. For being 94 years old, I think it types fairly well. And I suppose due to that age, I am really starting to like that scruffy look and unevenness. Like I said, its growing on me.

    @Bob, Yeah, I wish you luck. I was really down when I first saw it at my mom's. It was really dirty and missing parts (the drawband) that I really didn't think I could replace. But, I stuck with it and learned a ton while working and cleaning it.

    Its amazing what one is capable of when no money is invested and its already "broken". I did have a little bit of envy looking back on eBay at other Oliver 9s. Many were looking to be in really good shape (at least the paint and cosmetic stuff) and at good prices (minus the shipping).

    I wish the platen was less hard, but a couple sheets of paper backing does work wonders. Now I look at it, with the warped paint, scuffs and scratches, and I just appreciate it making it 94 years and still being functional.

  4. You're a hardcore typecaster, blogging with an Oliver. That is definitely not a beginner move.

  5. Haha! Yeah, I'm hardcore:)

    Seeing the shape I got this Oliver in, I will certainly agree, not a beginner move.