August 23, 2010


  1. Sounds like a pretty sweet setup!

    I have the same problem; starting is the hardest part. Once I get rolling, no problem.

    But oh the procrastination, how it tasks me.

  2. I like it. Granted, it seems that my workshop is some sort of primitive Faraday Cage, as its nearly impossible to get any kind of consistent wireless signal. I've resorted to tethering my Droid and getting to the interwebs that way.

    It still drops, but not nearly as bad as my other options.

    I wish there was a pill I could take each morning that remedied my procrastination tendencies...

  3. Off-topic, I know, but was this written with a script Olympia? The font looks familiar, like it came from an SF or Traveller series. Forgive me if you've already addressed this before; I read through your archives and didn't spot the mention :)

  4. Great eye, Adwoa!

    Yes, this is an Olympia Traveller deLuxe.

    I have had a couple requests to ID which typewriter my posts come from, but as of yet, I have not put that plan into motion. With my current lineup, I've got 9 typewriters (likely 10 by the time I get home and unpack my Lettera 32 from Julia), so its still pretty easy for me to ID them just by looking.

    I enjoy answering those types of questions, which is probably why I haven't taken measure to explicitly ID each post.

    I only have two script machines, though: this Olympia and an IBM Selectric. Those are very easy for me to tell apart.

  5. Nice work setting up a man cave. It is good to have one. And yes, procrastination is bad when work needs to be done, yet I find that having some free time to just "do whatever" with no agenda can be very rewarding, too.