August 25, 2010


  1. Congratulations on the Lettera 32! It really is a classic machine and a great addition to any stable.

    I have one I rarely use (too many others) but I won't let go of it... it'd be like throwing Pride and Prejudice out of the library!

    I tell myself it doesn't take up too much room and besides it's such a pretty color.

  2. Ten . . . I have been battling a bug of my own of late: the deeep desire to acquire more typers! Told myself 7 is enough . . . and just this morning I found myself on eBay, lusting after this cute little Remington portable. It's a sickness I tell ya! ;-D

  3. Thanks, Adwoa! I used it last night to compose a letter while sitting on the couch. I already like it much better than my Olympia Traveller deLuxe. I can see taking the Lettera with me to write outside the house. Its the perfect size and types quite well.

    Judith, I've been battling that bug for the past year (i.e. since I started this whole typewriter journey).

    Phase 1 had me looking and buying anything I could get my hands on. I did discriminate on aesthetic value and cost, so it did limit my purchases. As did my wife as she saw more than a couple typewriters around the house. I think I got up to 12. Had it not been for my wife's questioning, I could easily of collected three times that amount.

    Phase 2 had me taking inventory of what I was doing and trying to put some sort of logic into my collection. I ended up still looking for acquistions, but I tried to limit it to decades of production I did not already own. I still had an underlying desire to type on a lot more models than I wanted to own. I got advice from the typosphere that I should collect in 3s or keep an odd or even number...such enablers this typosphere can be:)

    Phase 3 had me thinking, with machines I had already acquired and worked with, plus experiences from the typosphere, I really knew the kinds of typewriters I would like and therefore started parsing down what I had and only purchasing ones that I knew I would love. I ended up finding my "dream" machine and all was good in the universe.

    I'm in Phase 4 now (not sure how many phases there actually are in all this). I'm now known as a "typewriter guy" and will occasionally be given one or asked if I want one. I have a small collection and can ID a few that I could be without and have no real impact on me. I'll keep my eyes open for a really good deal or treasure find. I'll still look from time to time, but I'll rarely buy...

    For me, the typewriters I own are the ones I lusted after, so I am satisfied. There's probably only one last iconic typer I've yet to encounter, a Hermes 3000. So, if one does cross my path, in excellent condition and at a low price, I'll buy it, but outside of that, there's not too much of a battle going on anymore.

  4. You are very much welcome. I'm glad she went to a good home, instead of out into the wilds of craigslist. :]

    And I actually got her off eBay. The photos were inadequate and she was packed badly but arrived in almost-new condition. Miracles.

  5. Very nice eBay find, then! She is still in excellent condition. I ended up picking up a couple rubber washers to tighten up that front right case screw. I blew a little canned air on it, but didn't need to. And you packed it expertly, to say the least.

    I ended up with a bad packing job on my Olympia Traveller deLuxe. They basically tossed it in a thin box with a half sheet of bubble wrap (and the wrap wasn't on anything, just also in the box). When I got it I feared the worse, but it was still in pristine condition.

    I guess the shipping companies out here in the midwest actually handle stuff with care (or at least that is what I'll keep telling myself).

  6. I'm jealous! I'm loving my Studio 44 - a garage sale find. I only named my Smith Corona Classic 12 (my first and favorite - Phoebe - after Holden's sister in "Catcher"...Holden is my laptop's name!).
    And 26, so far. The wife says when I get to 30 I either have to move out or buy her a bigger house!

    - wordrebel