October 20, 2010


  1. the mental gymnastics remind me of f-stops.
    I like the graph paper, I've been using an old ruler.

  2. Very true. You'd think the bigger the f-stop number the more light coming through the lens but no, its just the opposite. Good observation!

    Yeah, I had planned to just use an old scale that I had from my drafting class way back in high school, but then I remembered I had some old graph paper lying around that would do the job just as well.

    I'm now curious if any of my Olympias are 11 cpi. I had been assuming that all of them were, but now I question.

  3. So, which do you prefer? I love my SM-3 (with Elite size font) for a million reasons, yet I've been using the newly-rejuvinated Galaxie mainly because I've been enjoying the Pica size that it has.


  4. Good question, Justin, and something I didn't hit in my typecast.

    I'm more of a Pica guy. I like the larger font as it is more "industry standard". What I mean is that all the literature that I've read about screenplays or submitting writing is based around 12 point font (i.e. 10 cpi or Pica). So, whenever I am writing drafts, I have lofty ideas of submitting them someday and therefore I stick with Pica.

    Now, the reality of it is that I'd probably always need to retype any submission and get a digital form of it, so it really shouldn't matter, but in my lumpy, coconut of a head, it does:)

    Elite, I could see would be nice for packing more words on a page, so maybe for letters, but other than typecasting, I don't really use Elite machines. Luckily, I only have one manual and my Selectrics with Elite and technically, I think I can just get a Pica typeball for my Selectric.