October 5, 2010


  1. Funny how I have to leverage technology to make a remote post. But, I did it all with my smartphone. I used it to take the picture, then transfer it to my computer via USB and after some resizing on the computer, I used my smartphone as a 3G modem and uploaded it to my server so I could connect it to blogger.

    I think it turned out okay. Not as good as my normal flat-bed scans, but I think this will work.

  2. Looks good! Thanks for not giving in to the easy way and keeping up the difficult, pointless, wonderful thing that is typecasting.

    I remember when every decent hotel would provide stationery in the desk drawer of your room.

  3. Yeah, its sad, isn't it? With this being a rather fancy hotel (from what I have been told), I was hoping to find some in my room. I guess I shouldn't expect to feel like the 60s just because I am carrying a typewriter with me from the 60s!

    But, when I called to the front desk, a few minutes ago, they did give me a sheet of letterhead (with a cool black border) and an envelope. I should have asked for more, but I didn't want to push it.

    So, I've got one penpal on my list of "its my turn to respond to" and it looks like he will be getting a one-page letter from me on hotel stationery and envelope!

  4. I sent out a letter last night and I scored a couple more sheets of letterhead, now I just need to figure out who to send to...