October 30, 2010


  1. Good luck! And you must give good back rubs and foot rubs if they're equal to a whole week of dishwashing ...

  2. You can look at it that way or that I'd rather do a week worth of dishes than a back or foot rub...I'll let you decide:)

  3. Yeah, I'd go for a whole week's worth of washing dished as opposed to back rubs "with no strings attached". Whoever invented those, anyway?


    Good luck with NaNo. Have fun.

  4. Tell me about it, right? :)

    Well, I only got a little over 600 words in yesterday. But, I knew that I'd be low, as Monday nights are D&D night. I should get in about 400 or so at lunch today (based on what I did yesterday) and then I'll actually have a few hours after the kids go to bed to get up to more respectable word count:)

  5. Wheredja get that awesome paper?
    Typing my NaNoNovel on the same.

  6. Duffy, I'm not sure if you are pulling my chain or not on your comment. I do agree, the paper looks awesome, especially scanned in.

    But as for getting it, well, its just standard spiral-bound notebook paper. Wide-ruled, I believe. Its been laying around in the kitchen for months and when I decided to typecast last, I grabbed a sheet.

    Its thin, but I just ran it through with a scrap backing sheet.