January 17, 2010


  1. I suppose wake-up time is relative. I usually get up at 4:15 on work days, so "sleeping in" for me is about 6:30. (This is horrible sad and unbelievable, no?)

    The QDLs are truly nice machines. I used to have a boxy one for myself and I once found the earlier style and gave it to a friend. This post reminds me of how great they are and that I "need" *ahem* to get one again.

  2. I have rekindled my love of Royals as of late so I can't wait for a letter on the QDL!

    As far sleeping in...being a parent really does change your perception of what is and isn't an acceptable time to wake up. It's hard for people who become parents in their 20s (as I did) to understand that you aren't really supposed to feel like you do now until your 30s or later. Don't think of it as getting older, think of it as remaining a parent? (...you're not buying that either?! haha)

    P.S. Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

  3. Haha...yeah, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is probably my favorite cereal. I can eat that as a snack or a meal and can't get enough of it. But that is a cereal that is normally in the house, partially for the kids and partially for me:)

    Yeah, I'm not buying that one either!