January 4, 2010


  1. Morning pages? That's new to me...what's it all about??

    And the Twitter hashtag "#amwriting" - is that as in "I AM WRITING" or "writing in the A.M."??

    Look at me all full of questions lately!

  2. From what I understood, Morning Pages is a term to describe writing x pages in the morning before you start your day, be it a full-time writer or a writer with other work. Its basically permission to yourself to write whatever and just get your process started.

    Now, some think you shouldn't read what you wrote, that it was just an exercise and should be thrown away, while others put no stipulation on it.

    I wasn't familiar with the term before yesterday, but the concept is something I've known.

    As for the hashtag, my assumption is it means I AM WRITING, but you know what they say about assumptions:)

  3. Just this week I've begun waking a full hour earlier than I have to just to get a jump on the day. I putz (technical term) on the computer and eat come breakfast before my son wakes up. It wasn't a resolution as such but I think I made it subconciously so I'll run with it. This morning I even got to typecast, as you saw. Perhaps setting a morning goal for myself wouldn't be a bad idea.

    I thought the same thing. I am writing. But if "I am writing" why the hell are you on Twitter?! ;u)

  4. I believe that Larry McMurtry had a morning pages philosophy.

  5. I used to write first thing in the morning during the summer or when my work schedule was light, and it did work for me for a while, but I've discovered that I get bored if I follow a routine too strictly and have had to move my writing time to the evening now (for multiple reasons).

  6. As much as I'd love to get up early and write (or in the past, work out or run), I just can't as a routine. There is just something inside me that fights tooth and nail to get up before I "have" to.

    While I haven't hit the bored wall, I do have a dreadful perfectionist's attitude and I feel like if I miss one day, then I am a failure and then have a very strong tendency to just quit, instead of taking it as a minor divergence and get back to it the next time.

    I've moved my writing time to the evening as well. Sometimes I am tired and I just want to numb my mind with TV, but more often than not (recently, at least) I have been able to write or read in spite of it. For me, it just works better with my schedule even though I would love to spend my morning writing...minus the getting up early part, of course:)