January 28, 2011


  1. That's a good book (zen)... another one of my $5 brand new finds at the used bookstore!

    (And thanks for adding us to the linklist deek!)

    wordverif of awesome: epiquatr)

  2. Not a problem, Rino.

    Art, yeah, I got mine (zen) for $2.45 at Hyde Brothers. I'm going to have to visit it more frequently. Oh, and no problem with adding you to the list. I try to keep that updated and keep an eye out for ones I don't have listed.

  3. Deek! I got it!

    Where you gave February to typewriters, why can't we give March to used bookstores?

  4. Which reminds me, I think I still owe Clemens a more thorough review of that one. I was peeved at his infuriating ability to produce a way smoother first draft than I've ever done.