April 2, 2011


  1. You could then give it to me.

  2. Be responsible and save the money and space by not adding to your collection.

    (Translation: Go get the SM-3! They rule and you might love it!)

  3. 1956 Glossy White Olympia SM3 has landed on my workbench. 4 hours later, after completely tearing it down, cleaning it up, replacing rubber bushings, bending carriage return letter and re-tensioning the drawband, I finally have a working (and pretty) SM3.

    Its elite, but I won't hold it against it:)

  4. Hahaha, sucker! I hope it's a good one because otherwise your view of the almighty SM-3 might be tainted.

    Wait, glossy white? I haven't heard of that color in the SM-3. Nice find.

  5. Yeah, its good. Now.

    When I got it, the carriage return lever was hitting the ribbon cover. I assumed it was a bushing issue (as I read that was pretty common) but even after replacing those, it still was way two low (like half an inch too low).

    So, I had to carefully bend it up, which I was worried about, but that was the only thing I could do.

    The paper support also needed some bending, to operate freely. But besides a good cleaning, that was all I really needed to do.

    But, since I had time, I ended up dissassembling the whole thing, including the carriage. That ended up eating up most my time, getting as I took the platen off and all the panels. It took me forever to figure out how to re-tension the drawband, but I eventually figured it out and its got a handy little pulley system to crank (without having to take the carriage off).

    All in all, I'm glad I did it, as learned a ton and saw parts I'd never even been aware of.

    Yeah, glossy white. I hadn't heard of those before either...kind of neat.

  6. Snohomish, I've found one in my area. And they wanted 265 for it. I don't have the time to rebuild an eBay find, and craigslist around here is horrid. You don't see anything like this. :P So there. Simple fact is I don't have the money and I don't foresee having the money to buy one from Tom for a while now. So I resort to begging. Such is the life of a student scientist.

  7. I have my eye on a '61 SM-4 in mat burgundy (ebay uk). Any advice gladly received. I don't plan on spending more than £30-£40 on it. I'm generally happy to do light fettling, but not a full rebuild (impressed!) Cheers.

  8. I didn't need a full rebuild, though. Having taken it all apart, cleaning it and putting it back together, the only thing I really needed to do was reconnect the spring hinge on the paper support, bend the paper support so it moved freely and bend the carriage return lever to it cleared the ribbon cover.

    So, even though I took most everything apart (and learned a great deal in the process), I didn't have to, in hindsight.

  9. I just ended up stumbling across a glossy white SM-3 as well. I'm not sure if white was the only color that they offered in the glossy paint but I hadn't heard of glossy SM-3s before either. When I first saw the craigslist ad, I thought it was for an SM-5 because of the glossy paint.