October 11, 2011


  1. Wait? You have a baby on the way and you're trying to adjust to having time again?

    I am beyond confused!

  2. What fantastic paper!!! Cannot stop drooling over here, sorry...

    What's that you say about having too much time? What a great problem to have; you'll be looking back on this day with fondness in a couple of weeks, I'm sure!

  3. @Winston
    Let me remind you this is our third child, so the overhead of having kids is only slightly increased with a new one. It was a big difference from 0 to 1. A small difference from 1 to 2. At this point, with a 4 year old and an almost 3 year old, they can actually help a bit with the baby, plus, my wife manages the household and we just hired a housekeeper, so I am not expecting a huge workload added to my plate. I'll be home for three weeks and my main responsibility will be the older kids...

    Between getting up early (kids waking up, eating breakfast and watching toons), preschool, quiet time, naptime, mommy and baby sleeping and bedtime, you cut out me being at work and I am gonna have a lot more time than normal.

    Obviously, I'll want some baby time too, but a lot of that overlaps with kid time and just me being home and not at work. So, its not so confusing, is it?

    I'll send you some tissue to clean up the drool:) Yeah, it is a good problem to have. While I can be lazy and I can procrastinate, I also have a tendency to make really efficient use of my time so I can be lazy and procrastinate without that affecting anybody else (at work or at home). I think that's how I keep my stress levels low, because I build into my day downtime.

  4. You lead a very colorful and cartoonish life! ;-)

  5. Someone probably owes you a letter. Get on 'im.