October 31, 2011


  1. I emphatically agree with your assessment of the generosity of the members of the Typosphere.

    You all have been the most helpful folks that I have ever come across in my experience of connecting with various interest groups. It is a pleasure to get to know you all and to share enthusiasm for All Things Typewriter, along with other "lo-tech" interests such as fountain pens and other writing ephemera.

    You personally have been very helpful to me in our short association, and for that I am grateful.

    "the typosphere is filled with the most fascinating and generous people on this platen..." -- couldn't have expressed it better myself!

  2. The 'sphere hasn't a jerk amongst it!

    I've decided to go with continuous feed dot-matrix printer paper for November. I think it'll work well. At least I hope so!

    And since you made a point to say that you make time for your letter responses, I suppose I should return the favor! I was going to wait on yours but I guess I don't have an excuse anymore... ;u)

  3. Ah. The racing stripes. Makes you type a lot faster, doesn't it?

    I've never used a Hermes 3000 or a Lettera 32 (but I believe the 32 is mechanically identical to the 33, which I have used, and love). But even if I had tried each of those, I have a hard time believing either of those two could surpass the SG-1 in pure typing awesomeness.

  4. Much faster and the words look so much more sexy on the page:)

    From my experience, I concur, nothing I have encountered beats the SG1. What I have found was my 32 gives me quality portability, so I don't feel that I'm wanting more when out and about. Its not a feeling of being "stuck" with an inferior typewriter when using the 32, which is almost impossible to find in a traveler.

    As for the Hermes 3000, some people complain about the mushy feeling of the keys. I love the feel. The keytops are curved perfectly for my fingers which is very comforting. I get great impressions on the page with a very light touch, much lighter than any other typewriter I have, yet there's a feeling of precision to each stroke, similar to what I find in all Olympias.

    My Hermes doesn't surpass the SG1, but it does give it a run. One thing I can do with the Hermes that I can't do with any other typewriter I own is sit is comfortably on my lap. Most of my typers have an open bottom so I can't really type on my lap without a lapdesk. The other closed bottoms are either too heavy or feel awkward on my lap.

    And since I love to sit in my recliner and type, the Hermes gets a lot of action, thus far typing 100% of this year's novel.