October 16, 2011


  1. I feel your pain on the digital storage front. My current laptop has a 640 GB drive and I now have perhaps 100 GB left. I'm shopping for a 2x2 TB RAID external for my archives.

    When my wife began graduate school, we bought a Mac through the student bookstore discount program (first post typewriter machine). With a substantial up charge for a larger drive, I remember we felt like we were living large with a 250 MB hard drive. My Canon 60D comes in around 6 MB per JPG.

    Technology marches on...

  2. I've been sitting on a few letters for far too long. With all the house-related things going on and juggling a few clients needed copy editing, I've been swamped! Hopefully I'll be able to hammer out a few letters tonight - and one should be for you!

  3. We've resigned ourselves to 'killing our darlings' IN-CAMERA, before the download. If it's not something we want to print and share, it has to go.
    That's the only way we prevent our poor old PC from going under.

  4. I often reply to letters soon after receiving them, in order to ride the wave of enthusiasm created by finding them in my mailbox.

    But now I am in the unique position of having quite a few letters to respond to (including yours) -- a very nice feeling, actually! -- so I'd better GET BUSY before the craziness of NaNoWriMo begins.

    I imagine that I won't be hearing back from my correspondents involved with Nano until after the holidays!!

    By the way, what typewriter did you use for this post? Really nice, clean typeface! Do I smell a Selectric? ;-)

  5. Yeah, I ride the "wave" twice. Once when I first get the mail and then a second time when I reread the letter before replying (usually a week or so after I receive it).

    You may be amazed at what a working writer will do to procrastinate. An unanswered letter is always a good excuse to not work on one's novel:)

    Yes, this is my Selectric with the Strikethrough-envied Artisan fontball!

  6. The sad thing is that I mostly take the photos, resize them and then drop 'em on my external HDD (1.5 TB). And never take another look at most of them.