July 15, 2010


  1. I so hear that! My mom scrapbooks and even her own son didn't get much of a glance. I think it is just their ladies time and they don't want any interference. Which was fine by me, what did I want to discuss with a bunch of scrapbook ladies lol.

    One quick question- The ribbon that you got at Office Max, was it for the larger typewriters or was it for the ultra portables, like the Olympia traveler? I got a new typer and need a new ribbon.

  2. The ones I get (from Staples, actually) fits all 6 of my manual typewriters. The SG1, SM9, Traveller deLuxe, as well as the SC Galaxie Deluxe, SC Silent and Royal QDL.

    I don't know if I am lucky, but I've yet to come across a manual that didn't use a standard 2" spool, 1/2" width ribbon.