July 7, 2010


  1. Congratulations! The first step is always a tough one. I wince at the beginning of my draft, too, and I had a plan going in. The good news is that after you wrote for a while, you probably found out what you were actually writing about. Stick with it.

    I've found note-card invaluable for outlining. I was scarred for life by Roman-numeral-happy teachers in school who insisted on the Proper Outline Format, but I've found that jotting notes/scenes on index cards make it easier to shuffle things around (note the original page number on the back.) Once you get an order you like, you can divide your stack up into one of those cheap photo albums, slipping a card or two in each pocket in order.

  2. Yeah, this is my first go around with anything this long and I really came into it with no expectations or plan. I know that I will learn a lot and really, whether this turns out to be publishable or not, I really want to get through the process so I know what to expect in future writing.