July 22, 2010


  1. What kind of phone did you get? I have the iPhone, I totally know what you mean. Although, I just put my internet usage to 200mb a month for 15, instead of the unlimited for 30 bucks. I really used mine a lot for the first month but after that my usage dropped to around 80mb per month.

    I am going to post soon my anti venom which is the typewriter and one other thing -- Old apple computers. I have been wanting, dreaming, and couldn't stop thinking about my old vintage macs that I left back home. I have a Macintosh 512k, upgraded to a plus, and just ordered the Macintosh LC III which I plan to hook up to my desktop monitor through an adapter and get an Apple IIe card. That's right, apple IIe, what I grew up with. Ahh the thought of Number Munchers and Oregon Trail after all of these years...

  2. I picked up a pair of Motorola Droid's (would have got a Droid X, but Amy and I both wanted new phones and the original Droid was buy one, get one free).

    Verizon doesn't have data plan options, its $30 unlimited. I did read that at some point they are going to go to tiered data plans, but since AT&T just did that, they want to keep unlimited to try and entice more customers to switch.

    Old Apple computers! Funny. Back in the late 1990s, when I was in college, I bought a bunch of old gear off some dude for $30. Five huge business dot matrix printers, a pair of Apple IIc's, a box of software, an extra disk drive and a monitor. I used the monitor for many years as a TV (VCR as the tuner) and played with the IIc's off an on.

    When I think about it, I wish I would have kept them. I eventually trashed them during one of the many moves a college kid living off campus makes over the course of five years...

    I do still hit up eBay, put in a $0-$25 price and see what old computer come up. Not just Apple, but anything old that I could play with for a few hours...

  3. As with so many addictions, sometimes the best approach is to avoid the initial temptation. My cel phone... makes phone calls. It's the third one I've had since the late nineties. (That's an two or three eternities in terms of cel phone evolution.)

    Then again, I'm on my third computer since 1994, although each one has had many "transplants" to extend their respective lives. Kind of like with typewriters, if you take care of your stuff, it can last a long time... Too long, if you ask your consumerist friends.